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Be a Cloud Leader.

Cloud adoption is accelerating across the world. Limitless, on-demand computing power and deep connectivity in the Cloud are enabling companies to forge newer, betters ways to collaborate with their customer, vendor and employee partners.

CloudSME is a platform dedicated to helping UK SMEs design, build and manage their connected enterprises in the Cloud. In partnership with Infor, a global cloud ERP leader, we support UK SMEs become more agile, innovative and collaborative leaders in their respective market sectors.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI), a world class ERP system is at the heart of our Cloud movement. With low, incremental investment, Infor CSI delivers sophistication, scale and standardisation required for developing and sustaining a modern, connected enterprise in the Cloud.

Join the cloud movement and leap frog your larger, slower competitors.

Talk to us today to discuss how we can help you become a Cloud leader in your sector. First.

Rechange your business with Cloud ERP

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CloudSuite Industrial (CSI)

Built for operating businesses of all sizes, Infor CloudSuite Industrial is your answer to succeed in an ever changing global manufacturing and distribution environment.

Using Infor CloudSuite Industrial, companies can streamline their business operations, collaborate in real-time with customer, vendor and employee partners. Infor CSI offers flexibility in business process redesign, ease of integration with other applications and scalability to support future growth.

With Infor CloudSuite Industrial you can feel confident you've got the tools you need to get the job done. Personalize your ERP system, focus on your work, and be confident you've got the right software and support team for the job.


Four ways small and medium-sized businesses can get more value from the cloud

Small and medium-sized businesses are adopting cloud technology at the same brisk pace as consumers are and for similar reasons-cost, convenience, and functionality. The SMB Group reports that 92% of small to medium-sized businesses currently use at least one cloud-based app. In 2018, the cloud market for small to medium-sized business is expected to reach almost $35 billion. There’s a good reason for this growth: Cloud-based solutions can help put smaller enterprises on competitive footing with larger firms.

Look for strategic integration

  • Eliminate unconnected silos of data housed in disparate systems
  • Aim for end-to-end integration to improve efficiency and strategic decision making
  • Select cloud-based software for mobility, flexibility and ease of integration

Add Analytics

  • Use pre-built dashboard and easy to configure reports
  • Focus on answering questions that matter most to your success
  • Reduce over-reliance on intuition / eliminate guesswork

Go Mobile

  • Use mobile solutions to help employee productivity
  • Engage and retain modern work force that expect mobile enabled systems
  • Deploy intuitive and responsive mobile screens for impact and effectiveness

Focus on industry specifics

  • Choose cloud based ERP with pre-built processes to support your industry
  • Use built-in functionalities and best practice business processes from day one
  • Avoid unique customisations that present barriers to agility and make you vulnerable to employee attrition

Small and medium-sized businesses like yours have never had a better opportunity to seize market share and even invent new market niches for new categories of customers. But that door won’t stay open forever. Over time, new competitors and startups will take the field and exploit opportunities, if you don’t seize them first. Experience shows that the technologies that confer competitive advantage today will probably be “me too” within five years. So, the time to update and streamline your technology platform with cloud technologies is now.

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